Insects species currently known in French Guiana
Estimated coleoptera species including 5830 already described species

Extreme diversity

Some experts estimate that there could be up to 400,000 species, or even up to a million species not yet described.

The equatorial forest represents 8 million hectares and covers 96% of the territory of French Guiana. It is essentially a primary forest.


Butterflies seasons


Among the most emblematic families of the Guyanese entomofauna we find: the Morphidae with 9 species, all present on the site of Amazone Nature Lodge:

Morpho menelaus, Morpho deidamia, Morpho achilles huebneri, Morpho helenor, Morpho rethenor, Morpho telemachus, Morpho hecuba, Morpho marcus, Morpho eugenia 

Nymphalidae including Agrias and Prepona and other families such as Brassolidae, Heliconidae, Riodinidae, Lycaenidae, Hesperidae, Saturnidae, Sphingidae, Artctidae, Noctuidae, Geometridae.

French Guiana is also home to giants such as the Titan (Titanus giganteus – Cerambycidae prioninae) which can exceed 17 cm, or the bullet ant Paraponera (Formicidae, Ponerinae – 1.8-2.5 cm),

Or even for arachnids, the Mygale Theraphosa blondi, the largest species of spider mygalomorphae (span width up to 30 cm).

Amazone Nature Lodge offers all equipment for bait traps and light traps. Also no permit is required to export arthropods from French Guiana. Just a declaration form has to be filled before to leave. We will assist you for this.


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